S P E N T     B U L L E T S    &   J E W E L R Y

In 1979 .38 caliber spent bullets were gathered from the 100th Street New York Police Department firing range in a Utopian gesture to turn deadly weapons into art. They were made into jewelry to be worn on the outside, controverting their purpose.     

In 2002 on the eve of the Iraq War, in protest a performance titled Fire was created by inviting audience members to take a .38 caliber NYPD slug from a red "fire" bucket. Then each was put into a velvet jewelry bag that the artist had signed, numbered and titled, INFINITY in a second Utopian gesture.

In 2015/2016 slugs were scanned and 3D printed in resin thirty times their size to create sculptures. Each was coated with either red gold, bronze, aluminum, lemon gold, white gold or rubber,once again in a gesture to "Make art, not war."

Charles Stuckey: "The color is rather intensified by the play of light. As it turns out, the contorted form of the exploded bullet has so many inconsistencies, so many twists and turns, that it’s the play of light over the surface that turns it into something rather kinetic.

The artist: Besides the political aspect, actual shot bullets were chosen because they embody velocity and impact. They’re formed in target practice by hitting a steel plate at 45 degrees, then ricochet to another plate set at 90 degrees and fall into a bed of sand where they’re collected to be recast for practice or for their purpose."


Spent Bullet [Red Gold], 2015/16, ABS resin, red gold leaf over copper plating, 8½ x 18½ x 16½ in.

The following New York Police Department .38 caliber slugs were blown-up to between 23-27 inches by 3D printing, in resin. Then each resin sculpture was coated with red gold, bronze, aluminum, lemon gold, white gold or rubber.

Spent Bullet [Double Bronze], 2015/16, ABS resin, bronze plating, 26¼ x 26 ¾ x 13¼ in.

Spent Bullet [Aluminum I], 2015/16, ABS resin, aluminum paint, 9½ x 20 x 16½ in.
Collection of Judith Pisar, New York

Spent Bullet [Lemon Gold], 2015/16, ABS resin, 18 carat lemon gold, 8½ x 23¼ x 16 in.

Spent Bullet [Dum Dum I], 2015/16, ABS resin, rubber, 8 x 26 x 14 in.

Spent Bullet [White Gold], 2015/16, ABS resin, 6 carat white gold, 10½ x 26½ x 16¼ in.

Spent Bullet [Car Paint], 2015/16, ABS resin, 10½ x 26½ x 16¼  in.

SPENT, Zone2Source, Amstel Park, Amsterdam, 2016
Negative Ions II, 1996/2016 and Spent Bullets, 2015/2016


Spent Bullet, 1979, a New York Police Department .38 caliber slug with brass tie clip, velvet bag;        
Revisited on the eve of the Iraq War in 2002. 



Box designed by the artist     



Spent Bullet, one of six editions in BRADSHAW, Limited Box Edition, 2003
.38 caliber bullet on copper tray 9 x 12 inches

Spent Bullet, 1979                       
38. caliber lead bullet
Estate of Merce Cunningham, New York



Spent Bullets, 1979                       
38. caliber lead bullets with an 18 carat gold bullet


.38 silver slug that was crimped into a cartridge and shot by the artist at the
100th Street New York City Police firing range, along with a .38 caliber bullet


INFINITY, 1979/2002, a .38 caliber slug with copper casing (added for the shooter to avoid touching lead), velvet bag, signed,
dated and numbered. At the Gary Tatintzian Gallery, New York in 2002 on the eve of the United States' entrance into the Iraq
War, the artist created a performance titled Fire. From a "fire" bucket of .38 NYPD spent bullets, the audience was invited to
take one, which was then put into a velvet bag signed and numbered by the artist. The title reveals a utopian leaning.



Spent Bullets, 1979/2012
Twelve .38 caliber New York Police lead slugs, a 22 carat gold cast of a slug  


Spent Bullets, 1979
Edition of 12, 1979, self-published, 24 carat gold over silver                    
Edition of 8, 2015, 18 carat gold earrings cast from a .38 caliber lead bullet 
Louisa Guiness Gallery, London             


Tanguay Current, 2010
Single earring: brass shaving with 18 karat gold clip, 6 inch height


Thorn Cross, 2011
Rubber, 6 inch height


Mercury Pulse, 2001
7 drops of mercury in a handblown glass vial, sealing wax, silver ring
and circlet; circlet: 5½ in. dia. When worn the mercury tranmits the heartbeat.



Art  & Life, 2003
24 carat gold, natural pyrite crystal, .3/8 inch cubes each
Collection of Heidi Nivling and Larry Becker, Philadelphia


Self Interest [Silicon], 1999
Edition of 10, Editions Fawbush, New York     
Silicon in the amount that occurs in a 100 pound human body, housed in a handblown glass
vial etched with the word 'silicon,' silver ring, chain and clasp, glass stopper; vial: 1¼ inches


H20, 1999
Edition of 10, Editions Fawbush, New York
Water, handblown glass vial etched with the symbol H20,
rubber stopper, silver ring, chain, clasp; vial: 1¼ inch


Life & Art, 2014
Natural pyrite crystal,18 carat gold, each cube 7/8 inches long


Spent Bullet Cufflinks, 2015
.38 caliber slugs from the New York Police Firing Range

Spent Bullet Cufflinks, 2015
Edition of 12, self-published
24 carat green gold over silver casts of .38 caliber slugs from the New York Police Firing Range


Art & Death, 2014
22 carat gold, each cube 7/8 inches long