2 v 0   [ c l o c k   &   l e v e l ]



2√0, 1971

Originally not conceived as art, it was designed to function horizontally as a level, vertically as a clock. Left uncalibrated, it became a work by resisting the notion that space and time are measurable. The title is a nonsense mathematical formula — one reviewer wrote, "drawing attention to the quixotic Western attempt to define things with a nod to Eastern mysticism."  The original work was made at Massachussetts Institute of Technology; the edition at Stony Brook University, Long Island.



2√0, 1971
Glass, acetone
6 x 3 x 3 inches; original, Collection of the artist
Edition of 10, with one HC
Produced by The Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh
Edition No. 1, The Museum of Modern Art, New York







The Third Mind, Americans Contemplate Asia, 1869-1989
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2009

EAST/WEST Anastasi, Bradshaw, Flavin, Kuwayama, 2009
Björn Ressle Gallery, New York






Daguerreotype, 2004
4 x 5 inches
Collection of the artist


Silver gelatin print, 2004

Paris Conservatoire Regional Superior, Madrid Street, Paris, 2012
DVD, 23.22 minutes
Music: John Cage: Ryoanji, 1983-5 
Performed by The Mesostics Ensemble